3 Things

3 Things to Know Before You Read INDELIBLE:

1) This is not your mama’s fairy tale. It exists somewhere between Once Upon a Time and Grimm in the dangerous space between my ears.

2) Most of the characters and their backstories are based on real myths and legends from around the world including Greece, Ireland, Europe, Israel and the Amazonian basin. I believe the best fantasy has at least a toehold in reality.

3) Okay, it's true: I’m a little strange. I prefer to think of it as “unique.”

3 Things to Know While You Read INDELIBLE:

1) No, I am not into homicidal maniacs, despite my record thus far. The idea that people with the Sight would get their eyes plucked out is taken directly from old fairy lore. Blame them.

2) Kurt’s name was originally “Beck” but between writing and publication, the name appeared in an amazing hit trilogy so I changed it. (Besides, I liked the word play on “curt.”)

3) Aside from the main character and her family, nearly every other character in the book is a Person of Color--something I didn’t realize until someone asked me about this 2 months ago. Go fig.

3 Things to Know After You Read INDELIBLE:

1) Graus Claude is one of my favorite characters who was based on a very old RPG character from the 1990s (although the original, Amalthea Salvaducci, was female). Fun fact!

2) The story about the Big Wheel stunt? ...Yeah, that was me.

3) The sequel to INDELIBLE is due out April, 2014 and follows the further adventures of Joy, Ink, Graus Claude, Inq and the Cabana Boys as Joy struggles to find her feet in both worlds with some unexpected (and unintended) consequences!

* * * * *

The Twixt is a strange, dark and beautiful place filled with strange, dark and beautiful people. Take heed, grab hold & dive on in. I can't wait to share this with you!!


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    I also see lots of Brian Froud in this. Like, the Labyrinth team would totally make this into an amazing movie. :)


  2. Dawn Metcalf says:

    Or Studio Ghibli. I’d take either (or both)!

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