A Friday of WOW!

Have you seen today's Creepy Cake N Bake entry?!? Erin Dionne's All-Seeing Eyeball Cupcakes! I confess I'm caught somewhere between "Eeugh! Gross!" and "Wow! Cool!" with a definite tilt towards the latter. Still, it might be helpful for me to keep in mind during this Repentance holiday (not to mention the day long fast). I am beginning to think of these bakers as my new heroes for creative, out-of-the-box thinking. *now imagines a boxful of All-Seeing Eye cupcakes* ((shudder))

NEWS! I have received my edit letter as well as additional comments from the UK assistant editor which are heaps of glittering gold that I must mine from the morass which is the next Work in Progress. HOORAY! This comes just in time for a holiday, an adventure, and a total re-read so I will be taking a brief hiatus as I dive into all three (hopefully not at the same time). In the meanwhile, keep these words of wisdom in mind:

1) "Give yourself permission to suck." - Jackson Pearce
2) "Don't Forget To Be Awesome!" - John Green
3) "Butt In Chair." - Jane Yolen

And for all those celebrating Yom Kippur, may you have an easy fast, a thoughtful day, and a year of peace.


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