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Last night, it became officially official: The secret's out! Now I can *finally* tell people what I have been bursting to shout from the rooftops since, oh, before Thanksgiving:

The Twixt is now a SERIES!

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Snagged and bragged from Publisher's Weekly:

"Natashya Wilson at Harlequin Teen has bought INVIOLATE and INVINCIBLE by Dawn Metcalf, the third and fourth titles in the Twixt series for teens. The books will continue the story of a girl who is accidentally marked by a mysterious boy to whom she becomes indelibly bound, finding herself caught between the world of the Folk and the world of humans. Publication is scheduled for summer 2015 and summer 2016; Sarah Davies of the Greenhouse Literary Agency brokered the deal for world rights."

Now, if you read that right (go on--read it again! I did!) you will notice a second bit of news tucked amongst its giddiness; namely that I have a new agent. I am now represented by Sarah Davies of Greenhouse Literary Agency! This is also a new change that I have been keeping under my hat, fluffed and preened, until such time as that became officially official and I could share that, too. Having thus reconnected with Sarah and finding that we still admired one another's work after 4+ years, it was a meeting of the minds that soon became a meeting of the persons as she told me that the agency's client retreat was taking place in 1.5 weeks in Orlando, Florida. Continuing my tradition of last-minute career opportunities of the "why wait?" variety, I dropped everything with the support of my family and flew down to meet, well, everybody!

Disclaimer: this folder could not contain all the awesome that happened this weekend.

So I went to the writer's retreat in Orlando this past weekend where I got to hang out with 40+ Greenhouse clients and meet friends, old and new, including some Tenners, Elevensies, Gothic Girls and lots of cool new people--not the least of whom were Sarah Davies, fellow agents John Cusick and Polly Nolan, and foreign rights maven, Allison Hellegers--to share coffee, anecdotes, thought-provoking discussion and inspirational laughs as we studiously ignored the cold and overcast rain preventing us from descending on the Disney Parks like a crazed horde until the very end of our stay, where most people still opted for Universal Studios and Harry Potter World. Still, it was *way* more entertaining than staying in Connecticut (nothing against you guys). The highlight may have been the "Greenhouse Got Talent" show where I got to whistle and hum at the same time (as well as do karate) but was completely blown away by musical numbers, a Mr. Rogers spoof, and a throwing knife bait-and-switch. It was quite an evening!

Now, this is not to say that this hiatus has been all roses and song. (Well, actually the weekend was all roses and song...but I digress.) The intervening few months have brought their own heartbreak (as well as foot-break as I managed, after my last brilliant injurious debacle, to trip on a stair resulting in a sprain, a strain, a hairline fracture and a lovely set of crutches to go with a boot cast), including having a big WIP project fall through, switching agents, having a cancer scare (no worries: all is well) and discovering that my next book, INVISIBLE, would be pushed back almost six months until September, 2014.

I know, I know.

But, seriously, you will thank me for this. Don't worry--the book is finished, edited and nestled happily in the hands of my lovely editor and the Harlequin Dream Team, but it needs time to be dressed properly for its debut into the limelight. (INDELIBLE is a tough act to follow! Did you see that cover?!? Sibling envy is hardest on the parents...)

Indelible hi-rez cover
Imagine something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike this, but just as cool.

So when I have news about cover reveals, upcoming events, sneak peek tidbits, excerpts, exclusive content and contests, I'll be announcing them with some extra fun things to help tides readers over until the new launch date. Trust me, this will *totally* be worth it!

And I'm already writing Book 3 and laughing myself sick.


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  1. Congratulations on the major news!!! Glad to hear all is going really well now. Major sobs for the extended Invisible release date, but I know it’ll be worth the extra wait! And I can’t wait to see the cover! Good luck and happy writing Book 3! :)

  2. Dawn Metcalf says:

    Thank you & yes on all accounts! While it’s not all bad or all good, the missing ingredient is *patience* and all good things will come through. Thanks for being one of the cheerleaders!!!

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