Creative Widdershins

Another thing I've promised to do for myself this year is to go experience more art. Beyond classical Monet, Renoir & Seurat, I like art that twists your head to the left, forcing reconsideration of reality and the automatic "Ooo! What?" That includes anything from Neil Gaiman's writing to movies like Inception or The Game to Bosch's triptych and Blue Man Group's musical pipes. My latest eye candy treat for the noggin is 3D street art.

Check it:

"Cave Painting" by Edgar Müller at the Arts Alive Festival

There is something delightful about changing the ordinary into the extraordinary with the healthy application of art. Edgar Müller's 3D street art speaks to me in ways that are purely Urban Fantasy; the itch I like scratched when I consider the real world with a dollop of "What If?" madness and an offbeat sense of humor and fun. I *love* this stuff! It's always a nice reminder that in order to refuel creatively, it's nice to break out of your medium and go experience something else for a while. And watching the creation of a project from start to finish really gets me ready to take on my own work.

My favorite bits are seeing folks walk along the edges or lean precariously over a drawn precipice!

So this new year, I hope you take the chance to swim in unforeseen waters for a while and zap your brain with some alt-creativity. You never know what you might jar loose!

What are some of your favorite bits of inspiration when you need to refuel? Include them in the comments to share some brain candy with the rest of the class. We could all do with a little creative widdershins!


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