Fourth of July for the WIN!

Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!!!

Shimmering pyrotechnic patriotism c/o my hometown via

Yes, it's time to celebrate freedom and the birth of a nation with the promise of a representative government for the people, by the people, etc. and so on, but it is *also* time to announce the winners of the LUMINOUS SUMMER GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY! (We all have our priorities straight, don't we?) There was a wonderfully huge turnout to support my debut, from early bookmark recipients to puzzle-solvers to followers on Officially Twisted and the Elevensies, but it all came down to a random drawing involving tons of entries per person and a click of a button. All that said, I am proud to announce the following winners:

The AU REVOIR CRAZY EUROPEAN CHICK prize pack goes to:
The EIGHTH GRADE BITES prize pack goes to:
The WAKE prize pack goes to:
The CHIME prize pack goes to:
The SISTERS RED prize pack goes to:
The DREAMLAND SOCIAL CLUB prize pack goes to:

and, the Grand Prize THREE LUMINOUS CHICKS OF PARANORMAL FIC prize pack goes to:

*** ***

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'll be emailing the winners with deets after the holiday! And don't worry, fellow entrants, because there will be other giveaways including big blow-out celebration at the end of the Luminous Summer! Stay tuned! In the meanwhile, pick up SEVENTEEN Magazine's beach read and stretch out in the sun for a great story about compassion, empathy, murder, mayhem, and a latina paranormal skeleton being hunted down by a sword-wielding psychopath on a quest to find her way back home!

LUMINOUS is now available at
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Now go blow things up in the spirit of good cheer, then get back to writing, reading & more summer fun! :-)


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