Friendship is Steampunk Ponies

So it's been a while since I went silly and steampunky on my blog. I can only blame myself under piles of INSIDIOUS edits, the NESCBWI weekend, various promo projects and getting ready for my BEA's been a bit crazed. However, my daughter chose to dress up as Agatha Heterodyne as her favorite fiction character for her school's charity event, which reminded me that this is the *perfect* time for


These are my favorite things on DeviantArt right now & guaranteed to bring a smile on my face when feeling stressed out!

Raven's Requim has an entire series like this Steampunk Pinkie Pie!

Maybe a serious heavy work horse, aka "Big Macintosh" for your farm? (via nastylady's Pinterest.)

Or how about some sepia-toned Twilight Sparkle?

Then again, you might want something to hold onto, like this modded Fluttershy from bluepaws21!

Really, any time I feel stretched thin, I know I can get inspired by the crazy, fun imagination of artists geeking out everywhere.


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