Good Karma = Felicia Day



This was a karmic moment.

BEA is a madhouse of book enthusiasts, bloggers, authors, fans, business pros and celebrities. After I'd done my stint as an author, I was ready to be one of the fans. I had a list of fellow authors to visit, books I (or my family) coveted and a few surprises that I always left open because you never know when you might be inspired. (In fact, I was able to tell Brian Selznick of the moment he wowed me at SCBWI NY the year he told us about his new book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which blew my mind. He rewarded me with a signed copy of his latest book, The Marvels, which I can't wait to read!)

So when I saw that there was a line for Felicia Day's new book, I rerouted on a dime. Following the long, winding trail around Javitz, I'd managed to get into her signing line just in time--I was the LAST person to get a ticket (guaranteeing a signed excerpt of her book): SCORE! But, after thirty minutes, I could tell the line was barely moving and I knew I had obligations elsewhere so I started quizzing the crew around me. Turns out, many people in line didn't even know who she was and I wanted to beat them with Captain Hammer and send them back to the penalty box so fans of The Guild, Joss Whedon, Buffy, Supernatural, Dr. Horrible and gamer feminism could get their due, but no dice. I simply had to wait. (Cue Inigo Montoya.) Several people stopped by in hopes of getting to see her as well and were told they could wait but there was no guarantee after this point in the line (i.e. me). I fretted checking my dying phone's clock every few minutes and worrying whether I'd miss my next scheduled time-stop which, indeed, it was obvious I would if things didn't start moving fast-forward. It didn't.

When it became clear I'd have to leave, I turned to the girl behind me and asked how she knew about Felicia Day? She said she watched The Guild about a million times. I offered her my ticket. "Here." "You sure?" she said, hardly believing that this wasn't some sort of cruel joke. "Sure!" I said, "From one fan to another. Pay it forward. Have a great day!"

And I left, a little sad, but also a little giddy for having done a Good Thing. I missed seeing Felicia Day in person, oh well. There was lots of coolness left at BEA!

So when I walked past the booth later in the day, I asked if they still had any copies of the excerpt. "It's not signed," the booth lady warned me. "That's okay," I assured her and put it in my bag, turned around and saw Felicia Day standing there chatting casually with two women. I know I shouldn't have said anything, but I blurted out, "I love your necklace!" and she said, "Oh, I like yours, too!" and we had a quick chat, shared smiles and compliments and she offered to sign my excerpt and pose for a pic. Proof that not only is she a nice person and a snappy dresser, but she's also a Class Act.

And that's why it always pays to be nice. ;-)


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