Happy Channukah!

Golden menorah pic lovingly gakked from finkswim.com

Happy Channukah! Enjoy the Festival of Lights!

For those who celebrate, enjoy the holidays with friends, family, loved ones & deep fried carbs! For those who don't, join in the spirit of the Jewish holiday season by eating latkes (potato pancakes), Sufganyot (doughnuts), or lighting small oil fires...ah, the scent of Channukah!

P.S. Always be careful when lighting candles or working with hot oil. Especially when you have lots of hair. Extra-especially if we flashback to the 80's and use lots of hairspray. Fashionista + Religious Holidays = Head full of Flammable. (Don't ask me how I know.)

Many blessings. And Bactine.


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