Inspiration vs. Craft

I am deep in edits on the soon-to-be-renamed WIP and have been updating the latest draft with the golden feedback of my trusty critique readers. Fortunately for me, they say the same things; these parts are confusing and this scene is my favorite. I find that (aside from needing clarity and needing to seriously hack back on the adjectives) there are always 1-2 scenes that really stand out from the rest of the story, and those were invariably the heart of the idea from the start. These were the scenes that first popped to mind as the original spark took shape, the seeds of inspiration, and the rest is follow-through. My goal is to develop my craft enough so that my writing can match the gift of that first creative burst ala Maggie and carry it through from beginning to end. To have an entire book of such scenes, that would be amazing.

Read some more, write some more & listen to the universe--it might be trying to tell you something!


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