It All Comes From Somewhere

I know one should never respond to criticism and loathe as I am to speak out, I feel I must say something.

So: for those who have been reading INDELIBLE and think that the relationship between the father and daughter is "unrealistic," "a television trope" or "horribly cliché," I can only surmise that you did not have the joking, snarky, friendly-slash-familiar relationship with your parents based on equal parts pun damage and mutual respect as I had with my parents. And that's okay. *Someone* has to be sane around here!


And, yes, I grew up with paper and glitter and pompoms and string as well as rope swings, model trains, silk screens, American Flag face paint and spaghetti noodles hanging from the ceiling. I kid you not. This should explain much, if not everything.


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