Next Tour Stop: Gibson’s Bookstore!

It's been raining, turning the streets washed rivers of silver, which is pretty to look at but sometimes challenging to drive. Rainwater changes the landscape, painting things fresh and new. Even the grey, foggy mist makes the hillsides look mystical, the trees wondrous and touches the travel roads with magic. It can easily become distracting--*ooo! look! shiny!*--but fortunately, I know the way well as I'm headed off to Concord, New Hampshire to visit Gibson's Bookstore.

Gibson's is airy, spacious and welcoming--online and off--with a collection of the latest to hit the shelves as well as old favorites that you can load up and begin flipping pages after you grab something sweet at the True Brew Cafe. The list of author events is impressive and I'm honored to among them...even in my less-than-visible state. I even snagged a pic!

Gibson's Bookstore pic

It's hard to tell I'm smiling, but trust me--I'm smiling!

If you're lucky, you live close enough to drop on by, but if not, you can always order your copy of INVISIBLE and be one of the first 7 people to order and get free signed swag! Everyone here is knowledgeable and friendly, as eager to match good books to good people as you are to get the latest for your TBR pile. Thinking of the holidays? Buy great reads for your family & friends!

You can order your copy at:

Gibson's Bookstore
45 South Main Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 224-0562

And now to sit and enjoy something warm against the chill. Hot chocolate, anyone?


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