REVEL-ation! Interview & Sparkly Sea Glass Contest with Maurissa Guibord

Today, I want to talk about the latest book out by Maurissa Guibord, REVEL. Full disclosure: Maurissa is one of my original critique partners and a better set of eyes you couldn't ask for, but it's her sweeping style combining moving descriptions, engrossing setting, humorous and soulful characters and her very own voice that winks at you right through the page that makes her stories stand out. Her worlds are a weaving together of fantasy, reality, and places that are almost like characters themselves. If I had to use one word to describe REVEL, I'd say: "transportive" (if I get two words, I'd say: "Must Have!")


So to celebrate, I have an interview and *SPARKLY SEA GLASS CONTEST!* Read on for details...

Tell me about Revel in a tweet (140 characters or less):

Lobsters and monsters and sea-gods, Oh my!

If you closed your eyes, what color would the story be?

A luminous green--like the inside of a sea-cave.

What is your favorite scene location in Revel and why?

I made a map of the island on a geeky whim (see picture) and created a place called the Stygian Pool.

 map jpg

This is a ceremonial spot at the highest point of the island with a bubbling, fragrant, hot spring pool. Why is it my favorite place? Well I’ll tell you. This morning the temperature was one degree here in Maine. One degree. There should be more degrees than that! I and all my cold parts want to be soaking in that island hot tub right now!

Did you borrow anything in the book from "real life" experience?

The whole idea for the story came from a visit to a real place called Peaks Island here in Maine. It’s a beautiful place but the people who live there have to make the trip to the mainland (and get supplies, go to school) by ferry. They also have to work together to get through the cold winters and make due, help each other. It’s a very close-knit community and the society there can seem closed off to outsiders.

I began to imagine another place, another island and took these qualities of isolation and independence to an extreme--then imagined a reason for those qualities. Monsters and demi-gods of course!

If Revel was a perfect date, what kind would it be? (eg: moonlight walk across a beach, candlelit dinner in an out-of-the-way cafe, wild rave party in an abandoned field, etc.)

Revel would be a beach picnic on a cool windswept night with a bonfire and smores. The surf is crashing out there in the dark but the ring of warmth and firelight makes a safe circle for you and your sweetheart to sit on a smooth, bleached log and snuggle.

If you could sit down with your characters, who would be thanking you and who would be throttling you with something heavy?

My honest and good Sean Gunn would not thank me for what I put him through. That young lobsterman made sacrifices for the people he loved and he didn’t always make good choices… I made him suffer so much.

P.S. Interviewer's note: Sean Gunn ROCKS!

And, my hallmark question, what's your favorite flavor of Jelly Belly?

Black liquorice!!

*REVEL'S SPARKLY SEA GLASS CONTEST*: This contest is for a hardcover copy of REVEL, bookmark & gorgeous blue sea glass necklace! This isn't just any ordinary jewelry, this is made of sea glass found on the beaches of Maine, the secret, windswept setting of Trespass Island by Leslie Welcome Jewelry. (Honestly, this is a thing of beauty and the lucky winner will be the envy of many a sea maiden this summer.)


1 winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter below. This contest is intended to promote REVEL so please share it with your friends and family. Spread the word! Earn contest points! Gain good karma! Share a smile and a chance to win! This contest runs from now until midnight, February 11th to celebrate REVEL's official launch date on February 12th, when a winner will be announced on this website. Be sure to include your links and email in the comments so you can be contacted if you are the winner!

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Good luck! Join the REVEL!


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