Skip A Starbucks for Isabella

Today, I want to dedicate this space to writer moms--specifically, to one writer mom in particular: C.J. Redwine. C.J. is doing a special fundraiser called "Skip a Starbucks" fundraiser with one, simple purpose: to adopt her daughter and bring her home. (Click the link for full details, prizes & gorgeous photos.)

One of the best things about being part of a global writing community is to be able to do Good Works such as raising awareness, taking a stand, helping in some tangible way or volunteering for a worthy cause along with other loving, giving, talented people. Take a moment to check out all the wonderful things that a simple skipped indulgence can do and all the great things that are available as "thank you prizes" as a result! Nothing can say it better than this:

"Isabella will know the story of how a community of people came together to bring her home to her forever family. - C.J. Redwine"

Please help one wonderful writer and support her every effort to reach across the world and bring a little girl to the family that loves her. Find out more, share the link, pass the word, Pay It Forward & if you are a fellow "would-be writer" mom or dad or human being, you can always check out C.J.'s Writing Workshops or her Query Handbook and help yourself while helping others. Do this. Be part of the magic.

Smile. It feels good!


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