Somebody May Be Trying to Tell You Something

CONFESSION: I haven't been writing.

I hate not-writing. I don't do it often. Writing is my way of processing the world, gaining some sanity and perspective, as natural and necessary to me as breathing. Therefore you can imagine that I have been holding my breath and turning blue as my marbles so skittering across the floor in various directions for the past several weeks. This is not healthy. And, considering this is my long-awaited debut launch (i.e. also known as Lifelong Dream Finally Coming True), this is a really bad time to not be writing as a first time professional writer. And yet, sometimes you must take a step back and consider that perhaps a Higher Power is telling you something and that something is "This is not the time to write." How do you know when this is the case as opposed to, say, normal procrastinating? Well, in case you were wondering, here's a few good hints:

1. A tornado hits your area.

I'm from the MidWest so I know that when sky turns glow-green, that's Mother Nature saying "Stop filming and head for the basement!"

Followed by...

2. A severe thunderstorm knocking out the power for 3 days.

Full disclosure: this is actually a storm pic from, but you get the idea...

While simultaneously...

3. Contracting a conjunctivitis-like virus that swells one eye completely shut.

Full disclosure: This isn't me. (Thank goodness!) It is Charles Laughton as Quasimodo. (1939)

All the while...

4. Your Significant Other is out of town for the week.

Quote: Decided to take a break from the keyboard and take a hike. That was 40 minutes ago now look where I am. I love CO.

So despite the fact that I really *am* excited about my book coming out and I definitely *will* be posting about my LUMINOUS SUMMER GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY and seriously *can't wait* to share about what people are saying about LUMINOUS, my upcoming signings, and what happens when my very first published book hit the shelves, I have to plead for a little time to recover my sanity and empty the freezers.

I'm around and I will be getting back to writing shortly, I promise!


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