Stay Tuned for Happiness

Timing when to share good news amidst tragedy is sort of like waiting to leap into a game of double-dutch using barbed wire.

It's been hard to write in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. I'm fine. My family is fine. My friends are all fine and accounted for. But still...there's a lot of people who cannot say the same. It's hard to get back into the groove so shortly after the Newtown tragedy in CT and now this in MA. Real life seems very close and very urgent and demanding attention and it's worse than Mommy guilt to close my ears and shut it off, so I'm not. Right now I'm riding the waves and feeling the feels and promise to be back with good news starting next week.

I really do want to share my upcoming happiness with you, but not just yet. Soon, baby. Soon.

Be good to each other and know that there is far more good in the world than evil. (Thanks to folks like Carrie Jones for posting her thoughts and reminding us of that!)


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