Steampunk City: May 7 & 8

So in the midst of planning launch events, signings, library talks, etc. I was supposed to weigh-in on what we should do for Mother's Day weekend. Since today will be my greedy attempt at a designated "skull craft day" (photos sure to be coming soon), I hadn't actually thought a lot about what was happening and figured we'd "do something Sunday." Alas, had I peeked my head out of a hole, I would have seen it sooner:

Me: O_O

The International Steampunk City is a transformed Waltham, Massachusetts into "a city that would make Jules Verne proud" and my mind is agog with all that they've listed here; the idea of a New Orleans style parade alone makes my head spin full of cogs and gears and things that go 'ping'. What I love about the concept, beyond the sort of Renaissance Fair-meets-Brass World that Never Was, is that historic estates are jumping on board and museums like the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation are opening their doors to give a sort of history setting of steampunk and restaurants whisper of getting in on the act with specials for all "chrono-adventurers". There will be games and demonstrations, film and dance, interactive theater and showcases, the list of things going on ranges from the academic to the outrageous!

And I'm not going.

My husband is confused. I admit that this is certainly up my alley, but I'm not prepared! Today is already all about LUMINOUS promo prep, tomorrow is about kid's parties and incoming family, and Sunday will be Mother's Day plans and *this* sort of thing requires intense study, not to mention costuming! He asked why I didn't just go and check it out. I laughed at him, saying that I'd never go to a Ren Faire as a mundie, but he didn't get it. (Maybe I should have said "Harry Potter World as a Muggle"?) Anyway, as this is their second year, I can only pray that another event like this is happening next year as I want to plan for it properly. With ALL the trimmings. That said, if anyone is lucky enough to go, come back and link me pictures! I'd love to see them!!!

But for now: paint, skulls, and colored chocolates...

Reminder: tomorrow is the last day you can enter to win a signed ARC of LUMINOUS and a bonus ARC of DREAMLAND SOCIAL CLUB! Deets here.


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