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T.G.I.F! We made it to the weekend which is hinting at becoming Spring sometime soon (if you don't live in the Midwest), and to celebrate, I thought I'd serve up something fresh 'n' steamy to brighten up your Friday: steampunk cartoons! Of course, there are cartoon classics like Howl's Moving Castle, Atlantis: The Lost Empire or Treasure Planet, and you can wander for hours through galleries of artistic machinations on DeviantArt, but I thought I'd share a few flashbacks as well as future surprises. Perhaps you'll even recognize some of them?


G.I.Z.M.O. Duck by Timone [via Steampunk Workshop] is the sort of flashback that makes me smile. Of course, it's likely that you have *NO* idea what I'm talking about but just seeing this modded figurine made the Darkwing Duck theme song appear in my head. now I have an earworm for the day. Anyway, trust me: this is classic!

Disney Watch

For Disneyphiles who yearn for steampunk beyond the original Steamboat Willie, Disney artist Mike Sullivan created a Vinylmation Steampunk pocket watch & clockworked Micky Mouse. Mike Sullivan is behind the brainchild of Disney Parks' newest theme, The Mechanical Kingdom due out sometime this year! Check out these hat ornaments! [via]



And for a little multimedia, here's a pilot for a possible web series for kids called "Steampuff" (which sounded like Powerpuff Girls ala Steampunk but *SO* isn't)! Check this out from SteeleHouse Productions [via]:

And, lastly, this *fabulous* animated short called "A Gentleman's Duel" by Blur Studio, which is possibly my all-time-favorite (if we don't count absolutely everything by Shaun Tan). Enjoy!

Have a fun & fabulous weekend! Start it off with a smile!


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