Steampunk War Horse!

My brain is always thirsty for inspiration (as opposed to hungry for it, which would be zombie behavior* and then must be hit repeatedly with a titanium crowbar). One of my favorite activities is to wander around a dollar store or Home Depot and reimagine things like kites into superhero wings or flag brackets into ray guns. Still, for me, there's nothing quite like automatons, puppets, and other life-like theatrical brouhaha to really get me gobsmacked. And if I can add bronze and brackets, a few gears and knobs, some hydraulics and puffs of smoke...we're in steampunk territory!

So I offer up to you other epiphany-craving enthusiasts this Ted talk from the geniuses at Handspring Puppet Co. showing off their full-sized horse puppet for the production War Horse. When I saw it,** I think there were actual sparks.

My brain: O_O Horse! Puppet! Horse! Steampunk! WHOA.

And if that's not a ringing endorsement, check your pulse. I may have to hit you with a crowbar.

I know this vid is long, but trust me: it is totally worth it! The moment it steps on stage, there is an almost audible hush of awe that sweeps the room, the sort of divine quiet that exists in the face of utter brilliance. Don't believe me? Click and watch.


***I KNOW!!!***

Now: go be inspired, make great art, and come back on Monday, April 25th for the Official Book Trailer and a chance to win a signed ARC of LUMINOUS!!!

* Zombie Survival Guide. Don't be caught dead without it!
** Thanks once again to "divinebird" for sharing this bit of awesome!


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