Steampunk’s Wild West

It's been a while since I squeed about steampunk art, but when I saw these iron sculptures from John Lopez Studio, I knew that I just had to share! It felt sort of like exploring an artistic nod to Firefly in another alt-universe.

(And you know how much I *adore* Firefly!)

<Wash dino

These were a few of my favorites & why:

Horse Sculpture
I'm sure this draft horse could pull just about anything!
(Honestly, I pictured a locomotive at the end of this hitch-up.)

Dakotah best shot
Can you imagine wrangling a heard of *these* across the plains?
Makes me wonder what the First People warriors would look like...

And this makes me smile in all kinds of ways.
Dinotopia meets Wild Wild West?

Personally, I don't have the acreage to show these beauties off, but I can dream! I imagine having one of these in the yard and what the neighbors might think... of course, more likely we'd have all the neighborhood kids over trying to ride one and parents snapping pictures, but then it'd be the perfect excuse for another Steampunk Tea Party! Hm...

Capn Tightpants

You should go check out the website at and get inspired! Me, I'm re-watching the entire Firefly series and mooning about what might have been...


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