I've been having a lot of fun at signings beyond the fact that I'm being given permission to write in a hardcover book with pen--something absolutely unheard of and almost deliciously naughty to my Lawful Good, bibliophile soul. It's a great excuse to see old friends, talk great books, and (most importantly) get to enjoy the finer things in life like dessert. No question why this past weekend's signing was one of my favorites!

I haven't done a ton of signings in the summer because most of the teens are off at camp or other sunny activities and thus have planned a number of signings during my "second push" months around Dia de los Muertos in October/November. But I couldn't imagine not doing *anything* in the summer and I planned one event to bring folks in during the vacation months: a signing at Collins Creamery, a local dairy farm that makes some of the best, freshest homemade ice cream in Connecticut!

It was perfect! The weather was sunny and warm, not too hot and free of the oppressive humidity that has been turning my curls to Jew-fro frizz, I set up a table on the edge of the picnic area, decorated it with the framed poster c/o my father-in-law, a painted skull, and a ton of colorful hardcovers from local indie bookstore, Millrace Books, who came out to sell a table full of books! (Thanks, Vicky!!) People even brought their own copies and the hour-long event actually lasted 2.5 hours of me smiling and writing the whole time. (Props to "Yhesad" who I hadn't seen in an age and who brought an entire box of books for me to sign! HAHA!) We cracked glow bracelets alight, kids running around and pointing at the cows in the field, and everywhere I looked, happy, ice-cream faces were clutching copies of LUMINOUS. Honestly, I couldn't imagine a better night.

And the best thing: there was a special on the board reading "Luminous Sundae" (two scoops of s'mores ice cream with hot fudge, whipped cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a cherry served in a giant waffle bowl). YUM!

Thanks to all those who came out and I can't wait for the next event!


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