INSIDIOUS Book Trailer & Giveaway is LIVE!

IT'S HERE!!! The INSIDIOUS book trailer is *LIVE* and showing exclusively at Skye's Scribblings! Skye is an awesome blogger and huge fan of the Twixt & she's hostessing the exclusive giveaway, including a signed copy of the first INSIDIOUS for rabid fans & swag bag prizes for new fans who want to get a jump on the Twixt series!

Box O Insidious

This first copy of Insidious can be ALL YOURS!

Insidious Swag Pack

Signed swag available including bookmarks & iconic temp tattoos!

The third Twixt trailer is dark, beautiful, haunting and hints at what's next for Ink and Joy. Watch the other trailers on Skye's post celebrating the BIG REVEAL!

Watch the trailer, pass it on, enter to win!

Good luck! Pass it on!


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