The Hunt is On!

You may have noticed a certain quietude on the blog lately. This is a combination of the High Holidays and a slew of things happening that I can't talk about (yet) but as soon as I can, you know I will! One of those things is now happening--or is soon-to-be-happening--and it's that I'm taking part in the YA Scavenger Hunt!

For those who do not know of this brainchild of Beth Revis & Colleen Houck's, click on the original announcement post from Colleen's web page and bask in the brilliance! Bottom line: if you want to get original content and win a TON of books from these amazing YA authors (and me), then grab your horn, your gear and keep your eyes peeled to join the Hunt starting Thursday, October 3rd at 12 PST til Sunday, October 6th at noon PST.

Can you wait? I can't wait!

team blue



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