Upcoming Book Trailer & Contest

If you were expecting the Official Luminous Book Trailer and ARC Contest today, I hate to disappoint but I am currently being plagued by a rain of frogs (albeit plastic ones) and assorted hail, locusts, rivers of blood, darkness, cattle sickness, boils, lice, wild beasts, and imminent death of a first-born puppet; such is the holidays. Therefore, I figure I would announce the contest details for next week so that there would be some recompense:

1) Watch the 3D animated book trailer created by talented artists Jesse Cabrera, Michael Jaso, Alicia Samela & Ali Phelps under the direction of Jason Wiser. (Hint: Scissors!)
2) Embed the trailer into your blog, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter feed, etc. to share it with your friends.
3) Point to where you linked in the comments section so you can be entered to win!
4) If you want, "like" it on YouTube, GoodReads, Facebook, or associated fan pages. (This isn't a requirement, it's just nice to share!)

One lucky person will win a signed ARC of LUMINOUS! (And perhaps a little extra surprise, because I love surprises.)

So tune in next week: same Bat-time, same Bat-channel for your chance to win!

Me, I'll be over here reclining.


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