Writer Ninja & A Brief Lo-aitus

It's Monday and I have drawn a winner from the #BlackBeltWriter Challenge and it is:


YAY! Please ping me with your mailing address so your WRITER NINJA can sneak into the right mailbox and draw merrily upon your WIP while your back is turned!

Oddly enough, Writer Ninja was made to celebrate my finally getting my 2nd degree Black Belt (Nidan) after ten years of on-again-off-again training but, like the journey to publication, the course does not run smooth nor predictably and while I did manage to do the incredibly grueling endurance portion of the test (despite having pneumonia and influenza A, go me [?!?]), the technical portion was postponed until next week to allow my immune system time to recover...unfortunately, my grandmother passed away in the interim and now I shall be going to her funeral. Therefore, there will be a short hiatus (being a low point, perhaps is this a lo-aitus?) on the blog as well as my life in general as I leave to commune with my family, cuddling up and crying/laughing/mourning/remembering together.

My Bubbe was an amazing woman who endured hardships and challenges that boggle the mind and shudder the spine of anyone who could even imagine living through such things today, and yet she did so with dignity, grace and an enduring faithfulness to her family, no matter the definition. We talked more as adults than ever we had when I was little and I'm proud to have known her as a person and loved her as a person and shared our lives beyond a Hallmark card or two. We talked often, I listened lots. If I learned anything from her, it is this: life is precious and so are the people in it.

So until somewhat later, peace & keep writing!


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