Once Upon A Time…

...there was a headstrong fairy princess and a frog with an axe.
But that's another story.

My name is Dawn Metcalf and I write dark, quirky and sometimes humorous speculative fiction. My debut novel, LUMINOUS, is a YA paranormal fantasy about a Latina-American superheroine who can change her skin and my current novel, INDELIBLE: Book One of the Twixt, is just your average fairy tale about a guy and a girl, a deadly mistake, a number of sharp, pointy objects and a plot to end the Age of Man. The second book in the Twixt Series, INVISIBLE: Book Two of the Twixt, is in stores now!

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INVISIBLE at Costco!

Costco-pallet of books

Missed the giant Bulk Costco signing? There are plenty of books still available at Costco in Enfield, CT. INVISIBLE, Book Two of the Twixt can be purchased at an *amazing* discount price and there are copies of INDELIBLE available at the nearby Barnes & Noble!

Book 3? Well, that you'll have to wait for but you can pre-order right now!

Inspiration of the Week: Fraggles

This show has become a new favorite in our house and my son is traipsing around with a Red Fraggle as his constant companion. It pains me when people say, "Is that a Muppet? What's his name?" versus how thrilled I get when someone glows with recognition and says, "Fraggles!"

Fraggle Rock is wonderful for so many reasons; as a rabid Muppet fan, this was a new world all about exploring; as a parent, it's bright and colorful and funny and silly and fun; as an educator, I can so appreciate a child's want for understanding and to be understood; and as a writer, I am struck by how strong the world-building and characters are, most especially how whatever is a character's strength is also, simultaneously, that character's weakness. As an ensemble cast, the Fraggles are complete (which is their culture) and their symbiotic relationship with the world's inhabitants including the industrious collective of Doozers and the egotistical but loving family of Gorgs. The human world, represented by an elderly tinker and his faithful dog, Sprocket, mirror each day's lesson just as "Uncle Traveling Matt" sends postcards back to the Fraggles as he tries to make sense of our world--the world of "the silly creatures"--with new and innocent eyes. As a dreamer and creator, there's nothing better.

And Jim Henson. There's always Jim Henson.

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