Once Upon A Time…

...there was a headstrong fairy princess and a frog with an axe.
But that's another story.

My name is Dawn Metcalf and I write dark, quirky and sometimes humorous speculative fiction. My debut novel, LUMINOUS, is a YA paranormal fantasy about a Latina-American superheroine who can change her skin. The Twixt series, including INDELIBLE, INVISIBLE and INSIDIOUS is just your average fairy tale about a guy and a girl, a deadly mistake, a number of sharp, pointy objects and a plot to end the Age of Man. The latest book in the Twixt Series, INVINCIBLE: Book Four of the Twixt, is available for pre-order now!

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INVINCIBLE in the House!

Behold the teaser trailer for INVINCIBLE, which appears on shelves TOMORROW!

Inspiration of the Week: Cairn Stones


Often on my walks through the woods, over streambeds and waterfalls, I've come across cairns of stones stacked up like little sentinels on the edge of the forest. It's something I look forward to--something both natural and man-made, telling me that someone else has been here and taken the time to create something lovely out of what's here and now, a mark of our passing that leaves nothing that doesn't belong.

It's a moment I've shared with some other stranger I've never met and I'll never know, but we're somehow together walking on this path, sharing a journey on this earth.

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