Once Upon A Time…

...there was a headstrong fairy princess and a frog with an axe.
But that's another story.

My name is Dawn Metcalf and I write dark, quirky and sometimes humorous speculative fiction. My debut novel, LUMINOUS, is a YA paranormal fantasy about a Latina-American superheroine who can change her skin. The Twixt series, including INDELIBLE, INVISIBLE and INSIDIOUS is just your average fairy tale about a guy and a girl, a deadly mistake, a number of sharp, pointy objects and a plot to end the Age of Man. The latest book in the Twixt Series, INVINCIBLE: Book Four of the Twixt, is available for pre-order now!

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Love must be stronger than fear, stronger than fate.


The future of two worlds depends on it.

Joy Malone has learned to live between two realities, surviving mortal threats and agonizing betrayals. And she's found true love. But the world of the Twixt is in chaos, and the Council wants someone to blame… Facing a danger greater than any she's ever known, Joy must find the strength to rely on herself as her allies fall away, because Joy is no longer sure just who—or what—she is. She knows only that her deepest secret is also her greatest vulnerability and the key to saving them all.

As she fights to protect her friends and family and to unite two disparate worlds, Joy has to trust that some bonds are stronger than magic.

* * * * *

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Inspiration of the Week: The Magicians

Okay, I'll admit that between the voice of Quentin from the Lev Grossman novels and the hook "Harry Potter for Grown-Ups," it was kind of a guarantee that I would tune into SyFy's series, The Magicians, but it's been oddly addicting to see where things changed and where things have stayed the same. As a writer, a reader and a twisted-sci-fi junkie, this has been hitting all the right buttons (even the squick ones)!

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