Once Upon A Time…

…there was a headstrong fairy princess and a frog with an axe.
But that’s another story.

My name is Dawn Metcalf and I write dark, quirky and sometimes humorous speculative fiction. My debut novel, LUMINOUS, is a YA paranormal fantasy about a Latina-American superheroine who can change her skin and my current novel, INDELIBLE: Book One of the Twixt, is just your average fairy tale about a guy and a girl, a deadly mistake, a number of sharp, pointy objects and a plot to end the Age of Man. The second book in the Twixt Series, INVISIBLE: Book Two of the Twixt, is in stores now!

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Lori & Amy at signing

The best part about having a book come out is having the excuse to do signings, fun events, crazy stunts and book launch parties. This is when I get to show off my little baby book and meet friends, family, fans, fellow authors, booksellers, librarians and rabid bookivores who like to do nothing more than gab about books we love and eat chocolate.

Really, life doesn’t get any better than this. Thank you for being part of the magic!

Inspiration of the Week: Autumn Leaves

In New England the colors are bursting: reds, oranges and yellow-golds against green and brown and purple–it’s *amazing*! It’s tough not to be inspired by the panorama, the scent of apples and wood smoke, the crisp energy in the air. This is the last gasp of summer warmth before the winters close in and I’m inhaling every bit of it to store for the cold white months ahead.

Stephanie Meddleman‘s gorgeous photographs remind me to appreciate the brief moments of everyday miracles that we get to enjoy when we stop to take a look!

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