MASSIVE HQT Book Giveaway!

I'm taking part in a MASSIVE giveaway hosted by Katie McGarry--over 20 books and brand-new Arcs from 13 fellow Harlequin Teen authors including an impressive list of participants and signed copies of both INDELIBLE and INVISIBLE!

    You can win ALL of the following:

Katie McGarry--an ARC of Nowhere But Here
Adi Alsaid--an ARC of Never Always Sometimes and a copy of Lets Get Lost
Karen Hopkins--copies of Temptation, Belonging, and Forever
Kady Cross--A complete set of The Steampunk Chronicles (books only, not digital shorts)
Clara Kensie--Run to You book one which was released in three installments (Run to You--First Sight, Run to You--Second Glance, Run to You--Third Charm) *digital copy
Michelle Madow--The Secret Diamond Sisters and swag
Dawn Metcalf-- Indelible and Invisible
Cara Lynn Shultz--Spellbound , Spellcaster, The Dark World
Robin Talley--The Lies We Tell Ourselves
Rinda Elliott--Sisters of Fate Trilogy-Foretold, Forecast & Foresworn *digital copy
Liz Fichera--Played
Sabrina Elkins--Stir Me Up *digital copy
Tracey Martin--Another Little Piece of My Heart *digital copy

I love discovering new books through word-of-mouth and big bashes like BEA, ALA and industry conferences, but once in a while there's a chance to have a huge pile of possible fave reads fall into your lap to enjoy. You never know what new things you can discover when a never-before-seen book is in your hands! Want to enter? Click on this:

This is an INTERNATIONAL Giveaway so get the word out and get your name in!

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I Wear My Sunglasses At Noon

My eyes are dilated today. I had a doctor's appointment to check out a shadow and confirm there wasn't a retinal tear (there wasn't). Once I passed inspections and made a few comments about my glasses and Joy's injuries in my faction series, I was sent on my way with a pair of sunglasses against snow blindness after the Storm-That-Wasn't.

It wasn't easy driving as I was squinting the whole way and giving myself a headache in the process. I got home wondering what I was going to do--I can't write, I can't read, I can't even watch TV (which I rarely do anyway); this is my writing time but it hurts to see and the light from screens and even reflecting off of paper is painful. I made lunch. I cleaned up. I wandered around my kitchen. The truth is, I often wonder what I'd do if I wasn't writing (besides having a normal, well-paying job like most aspiring Americans) and now I have my answer: nothing. I need to write.

So I am squinting down at the keyboard instead of the screen, wearing sunglasses as I type and popping two Advil against the eyestrain because the truth is, I can't NOT write. So here's to the stubbornest among us: the artists who can't imagine doing anything else but weave and breathe story lines!


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