Fun Film Friday: Serenade to Miette

I am in the final stretch of editing. It is Fun Film Friday.

Have Serenade to Miette by Toniko Pantoja at Mad Artist Publishing–a little circus, a little magic, a little romance, a little badass in just under 2 minutes. Enjoy!

Me: I’m going back to work.

*tappity tippety tap tap tap*


Fun Film Friday: Ok Go (Rube Goldberg Style!)

When I was little, I would spend hours lining up Legos on their ends and creating elaborate tracks through Tinker Toy constructs and Lincoln Log villages filled with Playschool people and stuffed animals. I called it “Tippyland” and my parents enjoyed the long quiets until I pestered them to come view my creation where I would magnanimously tip the first Lego over and watch the hypnotic domino-effects of a hundred or so Legos falling in rapid patterns.

I love this stuff.

Hence, my latest offering: the Rube Goldberg-like official video of Ok Go’s This Too Shall Pass. Too fun not to share! Enjoy!


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