Fun Film Friday: The Cup Song

I believe the best things are co-created and that art improves exponentially by collaboration with creative brains. It can achieve one of those rare, inspirational moments when 1+1=3, creating unimaginable synergy and something fantastic–literally fantasy, beyond what could be imagined as real. Watching people get excited and riff off one another’s brilliance is something I call “popcorning” and it never fails to make me smile.

That’s how I feel about the Cup Song when it’s performed by a big group of people. It’s especially cool when it’s a school, showing that cliques and ages and genders and races and belief systems and looking cool doesn’t matter much anymore when everyone’s singing along, having fun!

So here it is: Cup Song performed by the staff and students of Coll├Ęge Saint-Bernard. I dare you not to have a smile on your face when it’s over.

Have an awesome weekend!


It Starts Now

Today, INVISIBLE hits the ground running with events, giveaways, interviews & exclusive content! I have been waiting to share all this as we countdown to launch on Sept. 30th!

INVISIBLE appears on Dark Faerie Tales‘s Fall Carnival as the Carousel Ride (appropriately enough), including the *original* Chapter One of INVISIBLE that featured Joy working as a waitress in Antoine’s Cafe. Even though it got cut in the final draft, you can read it & enter the ARC contest here!


Not only that, the INVISIBLE Book Blog Tour starts today, September 15th, with Fiktshun‘s interview with Joy Malone and the first chance to win the Twixt series as well as an entry towards the Grand Prize Pack from Harlequin Teen. I will be posting about the various stops here on my blog!

Tour Schedule

Monday, September 15th Fiktshun
Wednesday, September 17th Istyria Book Blog
Friday, September 19th Refracted Light Reviews
Monday, September 22nd Books and Things
Wednesday, September 24th A Book and a Latte
Friday, September 26th Addicted Readers

And if you want some great blogger insights into what to expect in Book Two of the Twixt, check out some of the lucky ones who got their ARCs early and have posted their reviews including Istyria Book Blog, Libby Blog & Skye’s Scribblings.

So, yeah, this is me:

Well, not really, but you get the idea.


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