Character Spotlight: Filly

I get a lot of questions about what inspires certain characters, if I keep photos of famous people or friends and family in my head and I always say "No" because 1) it's true, and 2) I don't realize what may have gone into the making of a character until it's been years later and then it hits me when I run into an old reference, an old photograph or some other beloved character I remember from way back when. Such is the case for Filly.

Filly was a melding of the traditional Valkyries and Peter Jackson's Éowyn of the Riders of Rohan (Lord of the Rings) but she was something wholly and uniquely *herself* with headstrong moxie and brash good humor, a balance I really loved, which suddenly reappeared going through graphic novel goodness of the Girl Genius by Phil Foglio variety: Zeetha, Daughter of Chump, Warrior Princess of Skifvander!

Yeah, I'll admit, there's a lot of similarity here to love. Except the green hair.

And, yeah, I admitted that after watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., if anyone could play Filly, I bet Adrianne Palicki would rock it.


Fun Film Friday: Iowa Caucus ala Legos

For those of you who haven't been living comfortably snuggled under a rock for several months might know, the Iowa Caucus is upon us. What *is* the Iowa Caucus and why is it such a big deal anyway? Therein lies one of the wondrous mysteries of American governmental mayhem of our era which probably would take several advanced degrees (and massive student loans) to comprehend, but the folks at Vermont Public Radio managed to do it in a cute little video explaining the process using Lego minifigs.

Watch, be educated (or bemused) & enjoy!


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