Fun Film Friday: Coco Trailer

In keeping with the Luminous/Dia de los Muertos theme, I offer up the latest from Disney recognizing that the latinex community is part of the American tapestry with rich, gorgeous history and stories to share: Coco movie trailers are out in the world and here is the official trailer & one of my favorites:



The Power of a Classic

I am one of those big believers that our English Literature curricula ought to be updated. Nothing against the classics, but seeing my kids read the exact same list of books I read growing up can be frustrating knowing that lessons from the classics could be taught with more relevant-feeling stories available in YA today. This isn't to knock The Iliad, the Odyssey, Romeo & Juliet or The Lord of the Flies, but there's a lot that can be gleaned from modern books like Feed, The Hunger Games, Beauty Queens and The Hate You give.

But all that said, here's one for the Classics:

My daughter asked if she could read Les Misérables over the summer after hearing me go on and on about how it was my favorite musical. (Note, she already was asking to read the book rather than see the movie or the play, which, I believe, means I raised her right.) She took out a copy from the library (library cards are a must!) and proceeded to *inhale* the entire book in 2 days by skipping pesky things like sleep.

Weary, bleary and excited, she asked if she could watch the show. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a recording of any production so she downloaded the original Broadway cast recording. Then the 10th anniversary celebration, the 20th and the 25th. She bought her own copy of "the brick" (even returning the first copy to the bookstore because it wasn't the translation she wanted) and sat down to teach herself French using an online course. She texted her friends, gabbing about how much she loved it, and one of the younger girls immediately went and bought a copy of her own. They have been checking in with one another over the past weeks, squeeing in updates. My daughter shakes her head, knowing what her unsuspecting friend will be coming to next.

As a present from her father and I, we bought her a ticket to see the traveling troupe. She was so excited, she told all of her friends and four of them convinced their parents to get tickets, too. She bought herself two themed T-shirts from Redbubble and wore one of them to the show, along with a pinned rosette she sewed herself in honor of the fallen Les Amis de L'ABC.

So soon, a small group of teenagers will be gathering at our home for a "Les Miz After Party" to fangirl-and-boy away, eating crepes and croissants and Nutella to their hearts' content, wearing the red-white-and-blue rosettes my daughter spent a week sewing for each of her friends.

All of this from reading one book written over a hundred and fifty years ago by Victor Hugo.

Don't tell me kids learn nothing from the Classics!

Tonight's table set awaiting four of the newest Les Miz fandom


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