Branson, Baby!

I am gearing up for something epic. Unfortunately, it involves snow. Fortunately, it involves fantastic company, great conversation, my new laptop, baked goods and a moose! Therefore, I will forgive the necessity of packing sweaters. In a few weeks, I shall be at this writer's retreat seeing Gothic Girls I have long missed, meeting tons of wonderful people I only know and admire online, and a few people I don't know at all aside from the fact that they have written awesome books. (Remember when I raved about THE REPLACEMENT? And HOW TO SAY GOODBYE IN ROBOT? And I'm not allowed to say, yet, how much a loved THE NEAR WITCH but I *loved* THE NEAR WITCH! Yeah, these sort of people.)

How excited am I?!? See previous Rhino.

If you haven't already, visit Maggie Stiefvater's post about it and ask a question! Or read Breena Yovanoff's announcements (which includes other great things). And what I may be most looking forward to is more Jackson Pearce whose vlogging knows no bounds and I was stunned to learn that her hair really is that shiny and that she really is that funny/witty/clever *all the time*! I could just sit back and watch her go. Like this:

So, yeah, I'm excited!!! But now I should go write.


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