Creepy Cake Weekend Monster Mash

It's getting colder and creepier around here!

I managed to snag the last batch of autumn raspberries from the local farm and baked a final raspberry pie (using Brenna Yovanoff's pie crust recipe!) and bundling up in layers. It was sticky and sweet and (I thought upon reflection) the perfect color of blood. Drat. Well, I'll have to think of something good because, despite the autumn chill, the competition is heating up. As it's starting to feel more like Halloween, I woke to find more Creepy Cake N Bake goodies in the lineup and sat at the computer with a cackle and a smile.

E. Kristin Anderson stole my heart without even knowing my personal love for almonds and Tex-Mexican folklore by baking the very first El Chupacabra Cake! 100% original and looks scrumptious enough to turn monsters off of goats forever! Rrrrrawr! Fork, please!

Natalie Zaman made something wholly original and when I saw her pics of inspirational "bone sculptures", I really did a double-take. (And yes, like her, I now want to back and read DAUGHTER OF SMOKE & BONE for the Poison Kitchen scenes at least!) I bow in awe to Natalie Zaman's use of meringue in her astonishing Catacomb Cake. (I can *never* get meringue to set. Mine turns into egg white soup! Tricksy stuff. So: WOW!)

C. Lee McKenzie even made a video complete with *sound effects* of her RIP WIP cake! (Today's post on TheWriteGame includes a pictorial overview of Creepy Cake N Bake entries! Check it out & don't forget to comment on your favorites to a chance to win something for yourself!) I don't want to spoil the final effect, but I say extra points for the witchy fingers & hat!

And now I'm off to find more inspiration... maybe I should wear my witch hat?



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