Feeding the Muse on Black, Bitter Coffee

I've been on a dark/gritty/disturbing/cute & beautiful kick, indulging in things like Orphan Black, Run Freak Run, old archives of Aaron Alexovich's Heart Shaped Skull and Faith Erin Hicks' much-beloved Demonology 101 and surfing short animated films on YouTube. (This is, I'm guessing, what people do with music when they make playlists[?])

I figured on this Friday, I'd share a few of my favorites in case anyone else is out there feeding their Muse on black, bitter coffee and invite everyone to share some tidbit that makes their inspiration tick. Enjoy! (Or at least get a peek into what inspires the local crazy.)

P.S. Check any of the links to get hooked on these faves!

"Kagemono: The Shadow Folk" by Sabrina Cotugno (darling & creepy)

"Windmills" by the Windmill Team (sad & beautiful)

"The Saga of Bjorn" by The Animation Workshop (darkly hilarious)


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