Hail November!

And here it is *poof* November! Just like that.

It is NaNoWriMo! National Novel-Writing Month and while I am not participating (as I am busy, um, writing novels), please picture me cheering on the marathon typing going on at this very minute! Over 215,000 people sweating at the keys as they see if they can produce 50,000 words in 30 days. Good luck, ladies & gentlemen and know that, no matter what you write, it's more than what you had before. There are nuggets of inspirational gold in them thar brains so have at it! Don't Forget to Be Awesome! Butt In Chair! Make Good Art!


Ready? Set? Sign up & GO!

It is also Dia de los Muertos, the holiday on which my book, LUMINOUS, is based, creating a modern-day "Lady of the Dead" teen guardian angel in my protagonist, Consuela Chavez. This is a time to celebrate where all our inspiration comes from at its root: our family, their lives, what they meant to us, what they were passionate about: remembering, memories, it's all there. Take a moment and think of a loved one who has passed--what did they like to do? What was a favorite saying? A favorite food? A favorite treat? What scents or objects do you think of when you think of that person? Evoke a little memory. Stave off that second death of being forgotten. Honor your family and what they've brought to you. Then eat yourself sick on sugar skulls and pan de los muertos, or at least something extra-sweet!

And, it's also my birthday month, but that's hardly worth mentioning. ;-)

Dawn Monsters High

Yeah, this is what getting older looks like! (At least on Halloween.) HA!


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