Happy March!

Okay, so it isn't something sparkly like May Day or New Year's Eve, it doesn't herald the beginning of a shiny season like winter or spring, and there's not much going on--it's just...March. March is somewhere stuck in-between, not quite warm enough to enjoy the sunshine and not quite cold enough to enjoy the snow; March is grey and drippy, resembling slush on the road. But there are winks of red and green in against the tired white and the breeze smells more like rain than snow; it's a little thing, but holds the promise of bigger things coming. And sometimes it's nice to celebrate the little things: a couple of hundred words of progress, one room finally cleaned and vacuumed, the last thing scratched-off of the ever-growing To Do list, or even something as simple as hanging a print on a blank wall.

Proof positive that the little things can bring great satisfaction. This looks like a real room!
(Note the sleeping cats are not impressed.)

So this Friday, March 1st, treasure the little things because you never know what will inspire your next Big Thing!*

* For example, this morning my daughter was grumbling and mumbling about getting up after an exciting day yesterday when her class got to speak to astronauts in the International Space Station. She was moving slowly, still on about galaxies and microgravity and planets all while I struggled to find a pair of pants somewhere in her messy room. What came out of my mouth was, "I know that we're all stardust, but you have to wear pants to school." And if that's not the inspiration for something wonderful, I don't know what is!


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