Holiday Hilarity from YA to You!

The holidays are well upon us. You can tell be the frantic merry-making and gobs of cardboard boxes peoples' doors and halls. And here to share some holiday "ruach", is some stuff to bring you smiles for this festive holiday hilarity:

First, herein lies a bit of brilliance via the incredibly talented Saundra Mitchell who, aside from being a stand-up lady in both the writerly world and the comedic sense, is also an incredible baker and has a flair for the fun. I was thrilled when she asked me to join her and a lot of cool YA Authors in an escapade of silliness: "From YA to You!" Enjoy!

Second, how can one survive the wrapping of presents without double-sided sticky tape? Well, while I've been gluing my fingers together and tearing tissue-thin wrapping, I kept thinking of this vid of Simon's Cat which always kept me sane. Enjoy some more!

And lastly, there is *ONE MORE DAY* to enter my "Don't Miss This If You Missed It" contest giveaway for the holidays, ending tomorrow at midnight. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell the hyper-intelligent robotic cyber-cat that is masquerading as an alien invader in your home: the more the merrier and they count as more chances to win!


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