I ♥ Book Bloggers Giveaway!

INDELIBLE is out in the world! Hooray!

And to celebrate, I wanted to make *sure* I did one thing for my big Harlequin TEEN debut: I have a number of copies reserved for my exclusive, first-ever, thank-you-so-much...

*** I ♥ Book Bloggers Giveaway!!! ***

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This is a giveaway just for the blogging community! A library of book bloggers* will have a chance to get their hands on an arc of Indelible: Book One of the Twixt as well as a few extra prizes for themselves and their followers. Indelible will soon be available on NetGalley as well as LibraryThing and a giveaway on GoodReads, but this is my way to say a huge "THANK YOU!" in advance to all the book bloggers who take the time to read and share their passion about books, reading, readerships and fandom. As an author, I can't express what you do for the writing and reading community so this is a little token to be sure YOU know that you are appreciated! Details below:

Indelible Arc Giveaway photo

The I ♥ Book Bloggers Giveaway includes:

- a signed arc of INDELIBLE,
- signed bookmarks for you & for 10 of your followers, and
- a super-secret prize good for the next promotional giveaway! (Stay tuned for details!)

This giveaway is open to ALL YA FANTASY BOOK BLOGGERS so tell your friends & spread the news! Be sure to include all the relevant information for contacting you and whether you're following the latest news about myself and Indelible in any of the many formats that we inhabit online. Know that you, as a reader and reviewer, are a *huge* contribution to the continued life of good books and I, for one, can't thank you enough. Good luck, click here to enter & thank you from the bottom of my chocolate-filled heart!


* I've decided that a group of book bloggers should be called a "library" of bloggers. I welcome other fun suggestions!


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