Inspiration of the Week: Painted Shoes

Have I mentioned I paint shoes?
You paint shoes?
Yes! I paint shoes!

This is where I am putting my extra energy and creativity as I muck around with the lastest WIP and share some random smiles in the face of the world's politics getting grimmer. (I like my fairy tales Grimm, not my news.) So in the meanwhile, I have been custom-painting orders of canvas shoes in various sizes and colors and geeking them out with favorite movies, books, animals, fantasy creatures, painting monkeys and narwhals and The Dark Crystal and Dr. Who, used high elfish and Gallifryean, robotic innards and steampunk gears, and all for the low, low price given what I've seen on etsy.

I dunno, it's fun! And creativity is fed in many ways.

If you have any inkling or ideas, feel free to ping me about some geeky shoes!

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