Inspiration of the Week: Soap

Despite toilet paper being the hot go-to item during the COVID-19 outbreak, I have to say what is most on my mind and inspiring just about every action while in our stay-at-home/shelter-in-place orders is soap. I, a grown adult-ish person, never realized the proper length or technique for hand-washing as it was on my basics lists from kindergarten and after toileting activities and never graduated to the hospital-grade World Health Organization surgical standards that should be respected in a pandemic-laden society. This video taught me the error of my ways and then inspired a new respect for things like hand cream and Vaseline as the skin of my knuckles began to split.

These are the sort of details that one always needs to make a post-apocalyptic dystopia come to life. The writer brain is ALWAYS on!

Be well. Keep safe. Wash often. Stay home. And P.S. Write!


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