Inspiration of the Week: Boston ComicCon

Boston ComicCon featured the cast of Rocky Horror &ca goodly chunk of Buffy and Dr. Who fandoms amidst the backdrop of a thousands of happy cosplayers, fans, worshippers, 'shippers and all-around creative geeks. I managed to snap a bunch of shots (blog post TBA) while being a Jagermonster from Phil & Kaja Foglio's Girl Genius. Pocket Mimmoth--pictured above--had a great time!

Big props to the creator of Farlaine the Goblin (who shall remain nameless for mysterious reasons) who, upon noticing Maestro having a rough time, generously gifted him a copy of the first book, which is both awesome and adorable. It's the beginning of a series so, yeah, I'm telling everyone I know!

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