Lunch & Launch: LUMINOUS!

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Pull up a chair, bring your appetite for a great story, and raise your glass as we celebrate the launch of a new Elevensie title!

LUMINOUS is about a Mexican-American girl, Consuela Chavez, who discovers that she can remove her skin and reveal herself as a pearlescent skeleton, able to craft skins out of anything--air, water, feathers, butterflies, fire--to save people from dying before their time. She joins a cast of archetypal teens with extraordinary abilities in a parallel universe known as the Flow. But when someone starts killing her newfound friends, will she be able to make it back home alive?


So if we're going to toast to Consuela or Luminous or me, it has to be with chocolate and, trust me, there's nothing better than Cafe D'Amore's Bellagio's Sipping Chocolate! What can I say? I'm an indulgent chocoholic hedonist and with this being the realization of a lifelong dream come true, I want the best! Want to join me?

Hot sipping chocolate and my favorite writerly mug. It doesn't get any better than this!

A packet of this little bit of heaven is included in my Luminous Summer Grand Prize Giveaway Contest, along with amazing Elevensies ARCs, "Fan of YA" bookmark collections, sparkly tattoos, and other tasty and beautiful swag & it's happening RIGHT NOW until midnight tonight. Click here to enter! But exclusive to the Elevensies fans, you can leave a comment at the Elevensies with your email for an *extra bonus entry* to win!

Gorgeous prizes look like this:

Grand Prize: Three Luminous Chicks of Paranormal Fic!

What people are saying:

  • "[V]irtuoso prose...."
    Publisher's Weekly
  • "The Prose is simply stunning…With her vivid fantastical landscape, evocative descriptions…and facility with powerfully grotesque imagery, Metcalf is a stylist to watch."
    The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
  • "With this dazzling debut novel, the author proves herself a highly talented wordsmith."
    — Connie Goldsmith for New York Journal of Books
  • "You'll love it if... You were all about Twilight, but now you're so over the whole vampire/werewolf thing. Luminous still has tons of romance and fantasy, but with a totally original plot that is nothing like you've ever read before!"—SEVENTEEN magazine

Luminous is now available at
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You can also follow my antics at a safe distance on:

My website:
My blog: Officially Twisted
Twitter: @dawnmetcalf
Facebook: dawnmetcalf

Thank you so much for celebrating this incredible moment with me! Salut!


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