My One Thought to Add

One would think that as a feminist (and a humanist and a menimist) as well as a raging gender advocate that I might have something to say about the Steubenville rape case. And I do. I have many, many things to say, but other people have said just about everything that I could or would want to say--and some things I would have never thought to say and wish I had--and have done so in about every tone from calm to pedantic to apocalyptic and so what I'm left with is this:

A truism of life, whether we are talking about tweeting or blogging, arguing online or off, speaking about others behind their back or into their face, shoplifting/illegally downloading/plagiarizing (all words that mean "stealing") or contemplating heinous, disgusting, rapacious crimes towards another fellow human being, is this: If you think you probably shouldn't be doing something, then you're right. Don't do it. Because I don't care what your grandma would think if she knew, or if only G-d knows, or if some nameless fear is supposed to keep people in line, because the only thing I *do* know is that there will be one person who knows the truth and that is YOU. And you cannot be fooled. You will know. And you will be living with you for the rest of your life.

Thus endeth the unspoken rant.


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