Next Stop: Malaprop’s!

Snow! Gobs and gobs of it--3' of snow in upstate New York! Narrowly dodging road closures and traffic squalls, I'm thinking the one good thing about being invisible is that no one can see my hat hair when I unwrap from my layers on the road. It's been clear sailing as I go further south to North Carolina, home state of Joy Malone, Monica Reid, Gordon Weitzenhoffer and the rest of the cast of the Twixt series in the fictional town of Glendale, NC. But this time I'm going to the real local landmark in Asheville: Malaprop's Bookstore!

Malaprop's is *fantastic*. It is a home-grown bookstore built on passion, commitment to freedom of expression and activism with a personal touch in the community; from packing purchases in the "European tradition of craft paper and red ribbon" (now known as the “Malaprop’s wrap”) to donations promoting the health and wellness of its patrons, including "monetary, book, and coffee donations many area non-profit organizations, NPR and indie radio stations, homeless shelters, and fundraisers," Malaprop's is still doing what it set out to do over 30 years ago:

1. To be the best little bookstore in the land.
2. To enjoy what we do while we’re doing it.
3. To be aware and supportive of financial needs and ensure that bookselling is a fine and noble profession.

So after shaking off the chill of New England and picking up something in the cafe, I am able to browse and delight in this one-of-a-kind monument to Really Good Reads in the setting of my own book, INVISIBLE. It feels weirdly wonderful to actually be in a place that inspired stories, to walk around and feel the breeze and smell the air and take in the sights that Joy might have enjoyed--to be both real and imaginary is a special sort of magic.


Being Invisible does not necessarily mean it isn't there--IT IS!

Stop on by and check out the selections of great books and if you don't know which to choose, one of the passionate booksellers is always around to point you in the right direction. And I'll be here with copies of INVISIBLE and signed swag for the first 7 people to order, whether in-person or online! There's no better place to enjoy winter's arrival than snug inside a bookstore curled up with a good book. Stop by, say "Hi!" and see if you can find me here in one of my favorite places to be.

Check out Malaprop's and order your copy of INVISIBLE at:

Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe
55 Haywood Street
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 254-6734


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