Next Tour Stop: Oblong Books & Music!

I'm leaving Connecticut and off to Rhinebeck, New York to enjoying the changing leaves and a leisurely drive while trying to ignore the people staring out their windows as I pass by. (It's kind of hard to explain the floating pair of sunglasses in the driver's seat!)

It's unseasonably warm right now in New England and I'm loving the sunshine and the late autumn breeze as I head to my next independent bookstore mecca upstate. Where else would I go but Oblong Books & Music?

Sunny, friendly, packed with books? Perfect!

Wonder why they call it Oblong Books? Their website gives the unique history of the district's border dispute "when the colonies of New York and Connecticut each conducted surveys to establish a border 20 miles from the Hudson River. The surveys, done in the late 1600s, differed by nearly two miles. Both states laid claim to this strip of land, extending through Dutchess County south to Westchester County. Because of its long, narrow shape this territory was called "The Oblong." For decades "The Oblong" was an outlaw territory where neither colony had reliable legal jurisdiction. In 1731 a treaty was signed giving "The Oblong" to New York with Connecticut gaining an equal amount of land from New York in its southwestern corner. It wasn't until 1857, however, that both states finally ratified the border agreement."

Oblong Books Pic

Here you can see me standing next to my own bit of history!

And mine isn't the only signed stuff you can get there. Check out their website for all the goodies including signed books, staff recommendations and author events happening all year 'round! This is the place for book lovers! And remember: the first 7 people to order their copy of INVISIBLE will get signed swag! It's the next best thing to being here.

You can visit & order your books at:

Oblong Books & Music
6422 Montgomery Street
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
(845) 876-0500


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