Pay It Forward ARC Contest Update!

Yesterday marked 2 months til LUMINOUS.




Right. So there goes any sort of stoic professionalism or calm, cool collected-ness and since I'm terrible at surprises anyway, (it may be due to all that jumping up and down in anticipatory glee that does it), I figured in honor of this momentous, uh, moment, I'd give-in and tell you what the "secret bonus surprise" is going to be for next week's drawing for the Pay It Forward ARC Giveaway Contest happening right now:

It looks suspiciously something exactly like this right here.

Yes! It's DREAMLAND SOCIAL CLUB! This is one of the ARCs that blew me away while I was flying across the continent! I was completely enthralled by the main character, Jane, as she returns to her childhood home on Coney Island, chasing mermaids, half-forgotten memories, and a Tattooed Boy under the inherited infamy of her mother and grandfather (aka "Preemie") all the while trying *not* to be a "Looky Lou" at her new school. DREAMLAND SOCIAL CLUB was written by the incredibly talented Tara Altebrando, my pub house sibling and fellow winner of the "Coolest Cover" shout-out by *the* Betsy Bird!

And now YOU can read us both! Just enter for a chance to win!

***The Pay It Forward ARC Giveaway Contest!***

Once Again, Official-Type Rules:

1) Embed the creeptastic LUMINOUS book trailer (complete with full 3D animated action!) on your blog, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. and link to Twitter between April 25th-May 7th to share it with your friends. Easy Code:
2) Include your email & where you linked it in the Comments section so you can be entered to win!
3) "Like" it on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads or join me as a Friend, Subscriber, or Follower if you want more of my kind of madness. (This isn't a requirement, it's just nice to share!)
4) Please note: this contest is open to US residents only. Stay tuned for more international contests in the countdown to launch!

A random drawing will take place on Monday, May 9th and one YOU might be the one to win a signed ARC of LUMINOUS *and* an ARC of DREAMLAND SOCIAL CLUB!

Don't they look pretty? I bet they'd look even prettier ON YOUR SHELF!

Yeah...never put me in charge of surprise parties. Just giveaways! ;-)

Good luck! Pass it on!


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  1. Bwyatt says:

    Woo Who! Can’t wait to read it. Put the trailer on FB at

    Thanks for the opportunity!

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