Red Edition Contest

I am gearing up for BEA, prepping my wardrobe, ordering swag and generally making plans to have a great time both as an author and a total booknerd fangirl when lo and behold--what do I receive in the mail? A whole box of Advanced Reader Copies of INVISIBLE from Harlequin!

FOR REAL this time!


This is the "Red Edition," which, once you've read it, will strike as quite appropriate. In the continuing saga of Joy and Ink's adventures with the Folk and the Twixt, red is a ongoing theme: the color of love, passion, anger, blood, vibrancy, urgency, danger and warning. It not only affects Joy and Ink, but Inq and Kurt, Monica and Gordon, Stef and her family, Filly and the Cabana Boys, and a few new characters you've yet to meet.

Do you want to read it? Be one of the first to get your hands on one BEFORE the Book America Expo! (And it's especially nice to get if you can't make it out to New York!) So what do you have to do?

Official-Type Rule Thingies:

1) Spread the word: RT this contest, post it on FB, Tumblr, your own blog, whatever! The important thing is to
2) Make sure I know! Either ping me on Twitter, tag me on FB or Tumblr, email me the URL of your post, etc. If I don't know you did it, how can you win?
* This is an INTERNATIONAL contest open until June 1st!

That's it! Good luck!!!


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