Show Me Your Ink Contest Update

Remember the Show Me Your Ink Contest? Well, I've gotten a lot of questions about how to qualify and I didn't want anyone to miss the opportunity in these final fun weeks counting down to launch.

    Did you get an INDELIBLE rose tattoo?

If so, snap a picture and send it in to me at Dawn.Metcalf (at) along with your email and you get the password for the exclusive, secret downloadable prize!

    Do you want an INDELIBLE rose tattoo?

Write the words "Ink Was Here" on your cheek, lips or (ideally) your ear with something that isn't permanent and snap a picture and send it along with your mailing address to Dawn.Metcalf (at) and I'll send you a temporary tattoo so you can qualify for the above-mentioned prize.

Are you more a visual person? If so, it's très simple. Do this:

Tat 1 Tat 13-muscle Tat 3
Tat 5 Tat 6-ankle Tat 7-wrist
Tat 8 Tat 9 Tat 4
Tat 11 Tat 10 Tat 12-foot

Send me the pic, and get this:

What? You think I was going to spill so easily? ;-)


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