So This Is What It’s Like

Yesterday, I got to speak with my editor about finishing touches on Book One and the plans for Book Two. I exchanged emails with two bestselling, award-winning authors on projects and invitations to Pay It Forward. And today, I am getting ready to go to a writer's retreat with two of my old critique partners and a bunch of fellow 2011 debuters.

I feel very writerly.

So I am packing clothes, chocolate, and silly things in preparation to bask in the glory of writing armed with the fresh knowledge of what I'm going to do for Book Two in the Twixt amongst people who understand.

I've been to a couple of retreats and they've always been wonderful. Maybe not productive in word count, but wonderful nonetheless, because I am able to sit in the midst of the typing and the music and the scribbles and it's like you can see the wheels turning. There's an energy snapping and popping in the air and even when it settles, it's the lull of creation taking place; line by line, word by word, bird by bird. And in-between, we eat and we talk and we share dreams and advice, we listen and share, we know and we don't. That is something that cannot be replaced or replicated and that is our community. The writing community's strength is that it understands and reaches out to one another because while writing is solitary, the hearts behind it are open to the world.

I will be open and listening and writing with a smile. More to come soon.



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