The “Don’t Miss This If You Missed It” Contest Giveaway!

Just in time for the holidays, I wanted to offer up a special prize pack for anyone who's just *dying* to read some really good books but got caught between the rock of pre-holiday crunch-time and the hard place of a TBR pile that just won't quit. It's hard to keep up with all the great reads that are out there, so here's a few treasures you might have passed by in

***The "Don't Miss This If You Missed It" Contest Giveaway!***

One Grand Prize Winner gets to weather the weather curled up with all of this!

Perfect for gift-giving, sharing with a friend, or keeping it all to yourself! BWAHAHA!

The Grand Prize includes:

4 great reads you might have missed featuring "Awesome Chicks in YA Fic":
* The first installment of the NIGHTSHADE trilogy by Andrea Cremer
* The debut from Karen Mahoney, THE IRON WITCH (Book 1)
* Tara Altebrando's first masterpiece, DREAMLAND SOCIAL CLUB
* A signed, hardcover copy of my debut, LUMINOUS
3 hot-n-sweet chili-lime lambada gourmet lollipops
2 single serve packets of divine Bellagio's Sipping Chocolate
1 "Fan of YA" complete collection of 2011 bookmarks

What do you have to do?


1) Write in the comments section something you've accomplished this year, something you're really proud of in 2011 (e.g.: getting a book published, receiving a second degree black belt, managing not to lose your marbles, etc.) You hit the mark. You did it. GO YOU! This is your entry! Be sure to include your email in your post.

2) Link this contest on Twitter, Facebook, or your blog for additional entries. (This counts as 1 ENTRY EACH, for a possible 3 ENTRIES.) Be sure to include these links in your comment!

Sample format: "Don’t Miss This If You Missed It!" Contest Giveaway: great reads from 2011, bookmarks, candy & chocolate! [Plz RT]

Simple, no? Well, last but not least:

3) Link everything in the comments section with your grand total and you're entered to win! YOU MUST COMMENT ON *THIS POST* WITH LINKS FOR YOUR ENTRY TO BE ENTERED INTO THIS CONTEST!

4) This contest is open to US residents only.

This contest runs from right now until next Friday, December 23rd. Winners will be announced Holiday Weekend, with much merry-making. Treat yourself to

Go forth, don't miss out & good luck!!!


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