The Nose Knows

Nose pic

This is my nose.
It is being applied to a grindstone for the next few weeks.*

Why? I have received Round Two of edits for the much-anticipated (at least by me) Book Two of the Twixt. (Cue cheering: Hooray!) INVISIBLE is a high-stakes, high-concept, merry romp through increasing danger for Joy, Ink, Inq, the Cabana Boys and Graus Claude as well as introducing a few more "interesting" characters, twists, turns and surprises and I want to give it all the attention it--and you--deserve. I promise to return triumphant with tales of signings, events, ComiCon, photos, pictures and posts but for right now, it's into the Edit Cave I go!

Until later...stay tuned!

* Alas, I do not have a picture of a grindstone--more's the pity.
P.S. It's funnier to have a nose pic than to pick your nose, but perhaps it's this sort of lack-of-sleep humor that proves I should stay offline for a while.


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