Third Time’s A Charm: Hint #3

Everyone have their bookmarks? No? Okay, well, for those of you who do,* I know that you've been following the giveaway and are eagerly anticipating Hint #3! (I know this for a fact since some of you are writing me and making hilarious guesses, figuring out Hint #1 and Hint #2, crowing your victories, begging for another hint and asking what to do next. I hear you! I hear you! See? Here we are on March 14th, as promised. Patience is a virtue...**)

Here's what you do next:

1) Read Hint #3. (If you are new to finding the super secret surprise hidden in the bookmark, check out previous Hint #1 and Hint #2 or go to and look under "News".
2) Figure out the answer.
3) Do a little Victory Dance because you are both smart & clever!
4) Enter your smart & clever answer to win your secret prize!

So, without further ado, here it is:

Hint #3: What's the last name?

You've got your bookmark! You've got your clues! Go find the secret!


Why are you all still here? Oh. Waitaminute. You don't know where to *enter* the answer, do you?

Right! Never fear: there's a hint for that, too! Something escaped from the book cover and is now loose in the enchanted library (...should have never bought that gilded cage from the ogre in the bowler hat...sigh). If you can find it, click it to enter your answer and win your secret prize! There. Two birds with one stone. With me so far? Perfect!

Hint #4: Consuela whispers, "La mariposa."

Now you've got your bookmark! You've got your clues! Go find the secret! GO!

Spread the news: Third time's a charm! Find the secret: Hint #3 is LIVE

* If you didn't win a signed bookmark, there will be other giveaways going on right up through launch on June 30th which will include bookmarks, ARCs, swag both delicious and pretty, as well as other neat surprises, so don't worry: we're just getting started!
** ...but who said I was virtuous? ((wink))


2 Responses to “Third Time’s A Charm: Hint #3”

  1. Cathy T says:

    So i think I know the answer, but when I tried typing it in…nothing happened. LOL. Is it wrong? LOL. Or am I typing it in the wrong place? hahaha!

  2. Dawn Metcalf says:

    Hmm. Well, depends what your answer is and where you put it! ;-) I’ll ping you and see if I can help solve the mystery. (cue spooky music here)

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