After thinking about it and having many people say, quite logically, "You should contact the parent company," I contacted the parent company. They routed me to Customer Service and I gave my story as well as insisting that the problem wasn't what was done/not done as much as the fact that no one knew quite what to do...and *that* is a problem in an emergency situation.

Today, I got the following email (edited to protect names/places):

Thank you for contacting [Store X's] Customer Service regarding your experience at our [local location] store.

I have spoken to our Store Manager, [Name], and he was in fact the Manager involved with the care of the fitting room associate, which you had assisted after her fall in the store.

First, our associate is not a minor (she is 19 years old). Also, the Store Manager indicated that an ambulance would have been called if the associate was a minor and/or unconscious. [The Manager] brought the associate to the office, asked her appropriate questions to determine her alertness, gave her an ice pack, water and something to eat. It was the associate's decision to have the Store Manager call her mother rather than being taken for medical attention.

We appreciate your concern, and again, thank you for assisting our store associate in this matter.


[Nice Customer Service Representative]

Okay. It was considerate that they got back to me even though it wasn't necessary and I asked that they not contact the manager to give me a call--he certainly didn't have to justify himself to me--but I still feel that there are still several things wrong with this letter:

1) Okay, she wasn't a minor. She was 19 years old and had suffered a head injury on the job. My point was that no one was there, no one knew what to do & there was no emergency procedure evident in case of an emergency.
2) She *was* unconscious. This 19 year old, non-minor had hit her head and had been shaking on the ground. An ambulance should have been called immediately. End of story.
3) She had just suffered a head injury. It doesn't take a brain surgeon (pardon the phrase) to figure out that while a 19-year is perfectly capable of having an opinion about her own health and well-being, she might not reflect sound thinking at this very moment as she'd just suffered a head injury! Of course, her parent or guardian or Emergency Contact should be called, but so should 9-1-1.

So now I'm debating a follow-up course of action. Hmm.


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