We Have A Winner (& More Cool Stuff)!


Totaling all the entries (including those lucky folks who won "extra early entries" from the signed bookmark contest), I tossed them all together and picked one out of a hat. Please note: it is a truly fabulous hat with flowers and veils and swooping feathers--photos forthcoming--but, most importantly, it gave me what I needed: a truly fabulous prize-winner!

Therefore, the winner of a signed ARC of Luminous *plus* a bonus ARC of Dreamland Social Club goes to:

Aurora Momcilovich
*cue applause and whistles and big brass band*

Aurora, please email me at Dawn (dot) Metcalf (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize!

But you don't think that's all, do you? Oh, no! We have LOTS more going on during our countdown to epic excellence with the release of LUMINOUS just under two months away! In fact, it's almost staggering what I have in store for you including interviews, blog tours, guest posts, and surprise giveaways (like this one, for instance) right up to the Grand Prize Giveaway scheduled to happen *on* launch day, June 30th. Hang on to your own truly fabulous hats, people, because I am fully prepared to set this contest on "stun"...

In other news:

1) Remember how I said that I wasn't going to the International Steampunk Festival in Waltham? I lied. Photos and post on escapades forthcoming, featuring said aforementioned truly fabulous hat and randomness featuring real steam engines, cool music, and maniacal mayhem. Fun was definitely had.

2) Mother's Day! A day of family, food, and homemade cards. I approve.

3) Have you been tuning-in to my website, www.dawnmetcalf.com? If you have, you might have noticed that I've been featuring one-of-a-kind illustrated character sketches from online comic artists that I fangirl like a rabid mongoose...er, I mean "admire and deeply respect for their storytelling and art". Yes, that sounds much better. The first was an *astonishing* interpretation of Consuela as "Bones" made by Paul Taylor, creator of WAPSI SQUARE. I think I made an audible gasp when I saw this. You can see why:

Today's newest character portrayal is up and it's Consuela's best friend, the Watcher, Sissy, drawn by Rebecca Morse, the witty comic idol of genre fangirls everywhere with her DeviantArt strip, GIRLS NEXT DOOR. Rebecca *nailed* my beautiful freak with her quirky style! You want to see and smirk? Click here!

Sometimes, my friends, life is very very good indeed!


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