Wemble Wemble Wemble

I'm feeling Wembley today.

Cute, heartfelt, supportive, but incredibly indecisive. Adorable photo pic c/o thefullwiki.org

In case you aren't familiar with Fraggle Rock, let me explain: to "wemble" is to be caught between things, able to throw yourself whole-heartedly behind just about anything, but somehow also unable to choose between them. Being between projects right now, I wemble between my enticing, serious WIP and my delightfully silly WIP; they act as foils for one another, balancing my shifting moods, but I'm getting to the point where I should definitely get behind one of them. After yesterday's mishegas with LJ and the spamtastic amount of time I've been putting into housekeeping it, I wemble between continuing to blog on LJ whose format and community I've grown to love, and switching to something less oppressively spammy and more frequented like Blogger or sexy new kid on the block, tumblr, or perhaps stopping blogging altogether for a while to concentrate on wemble #1. There are many things that sparkle enticingly as I begin to shift focus from the Big Shiny Sparkle of launch time as LUMINOUS makes its way into the world, and in the face of all that, I'm kind of agog with the possibilities while simultaneously feeling overwhelmed at all that I've yet to do/am doing/have to do/want to do & generally exists on my To Do List. O_O

Hence, the wembling.

How about you? Feeling Muppety today? And, if so, which one? ;-)


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