What I Like About Books

You know what I like about books? Books do not discriminate.

Anyone can read them. Books welcome readers of all ages, races, nationalities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, socio-economic status or creed--you must only have access (like libraries, technology, finances and education) in order to enjoy them.

Books will not judge you for what you think about them, they will not police who can and can't get something out of them, they do not label themselves "girl books" or "boy books" (that's marketing) & they will not dictate who is or isn't "allowed" to be moved by an idea, a connection, a resonance so profound that it can change the way you live or look at life and all those amazing people in it. Books welcome you in.

Take a lesson, Indiana.

photo of Aspen May's sculpture via inhabit.com


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